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Sake set at Takumi

Enjoy a special premium Japanese set, featuring authentic Japanese Sake served with a selected Japanese menu for the price of THB 899 only.  



2 shots of Sake with Grilled Tataki Beef, Tuna Salmon Avocado Roll, Oyster with Ponzu Sauce, Salmon Sashimi, Grilled Eel and Salmon Sushi.


  • 20% OFF  for SCB, KTC and Krungsri credit cards.
  • 10% OFF additional for Accor Plus member.

Sake promotion
Sake promotion

Takumi Restaurant Open daily from 11:00 – 22:00 hrs.

What is Sake?

Sake is a Japanese brew made from rice, koji (rice malt) and water. The alcohol content is generally 15 -16%, and there are a myriad of types available depending on the flavor, richness and manufacturing method. Sake basically comes in four types – one a deeply fragrant and slightly citrus-tasting ‘aromatic’, another being ‘smooth and refreshing’ with a clean aroma, then there’s a ‘rich’ type with a strong, full umami, and lastly an ‘aged’ type characterised by its dry, grassy, nutty fragrance and lingering umami. But the ‘sparkling’, a dazzlingly refreshing carbonated addition to the above types shouldn’t be overlooked either. In more recent years a naturally sparkling type has also been developed and which is growing in popularity.

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